Bicyclist Survey

Bicycle Counts Services is an essential factor in traffic data collection since bicycles add to the pattern of traffic behavior. Data on volumes and activities like what time of the day do most people walk and do cycling and how do people crossroads is collected and analyzed.

As a traffic data collection company, we carry out Bicycle and Pedestrian Services via the manual based method, which helps during traffic and data analysis, thus assisting with the achievement of the ultimate goal.

We collect data from all types of Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services. This includes people with disabilities (P.W.D.s) moving in wheelchairs and the elderly or any other people with the support of crutches and by the support of other people. Knowing the number of P.W.D.s can help in designing roads and walkways to ease the mobility of such people and protect them from other road users. Traffic data collection makes it simpler to identify and know the pedestrians and bicycle movement, a step towards resolving the traffic and transport challenges associated with any city.

Orange To Green Solutions provides the Bicycle and Pedestrian data in excel format to make it easy for our clients for review and further analysis and to make decisions that are beneficial for both the pedestrians and bicycle users.

Orange To Green Solutions is here to assist you to successfully manage any project that involves pedestrians and bicycles counts throughout the U.A.E.