Health, Safety & Environment

Orange To Green Solutions believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses as well as safety and environmental incidents are preventable.
Orange To Green Solutions strives to be a leader in the field of management of Health, Safety, and Environment.

Orange To Green Solutions is committed to:

– Conduct all its activities in such a manner as to avoid harm to employees, contractors, and the community.
– Promote occupational health of its employees.
– Improve continuously its environmental practices and performance.
– Minimize adverse impacts on the environment and risks to the community that arises due to its operation onto the field.
– Comply with all statutory concerning Health, Safety, and Environment.
– Create a culture of learning and practicing Health, Safety, and Environment systems, procedures, and practices among all its employees.

Orange To Green Solutions HSE Personal Protective Equipments (PPE):

Below are our Road & Safety practice during On-Site Installation work:

  • PPE includes Safety Helmet, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Safety Jackets, Safety Gloves, Safety Ropes, Ladders (on requirement), and so forth.
  • Road Safety includes Safety Cones, Lane Closure Signs, Vehicle Indicators (Right & Left directions), Safety Warning Sign Boards, Safety Warning Flags, and Safety Harness, and so forth.