Number Plate Recognition Survey

The Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle data. There is a number of methodologies, but it is a challenging task as some of the factors like high speed of vehicles, languages of number plate & mostly non-uniform letter on number plate affect a lot in recognition. The license plate recognition (LPR) system have much application like payment of parking fees; toll fee on the highway; traffic monitoring system; border security system; signal system etc.

It is important to understand all possibilities available and to get appropriate consultation when specifying a professional ANPR system. ANPR which can be deployed on origin/destination surveys or journey time surveys. The systems first detects the vehicle and capture the image then the number plate of vehicle is extracted from the image segment, optical character recognition technique is used for the character recognition. Then the resulting data is compared with the database record so we come up with the License plate number.

The process of recognition is activated automatically. Every plate identifier server allows a maximum of 4 video cameras connected to it. While on-line, the server analyzes the images from all the cameras connected to it. Recognized numbers are recorded in the central database. ANPR systems use optical character recognition to read number plates through CCTV systems, which enables vehicle registration numbers to be stored, and analyzed. The ANPR system can recognize the number plate directly from the images stored in a memory. The software of this type allows for taking efficient use of images that have been received from other systems like CCTV or cameras.

The system will capture the registration number plates of wrongdoers’ vehicles. In addition, we use G.P.S. data fillers which record the time, date, traveling speed, altitude and G.P.S. location at preset or manually-chosen intervals. The collected data are exported so it can be viewed on Google Earth or Google Map.

The ANPR system would also alert the police whenever a suspect or wrongdoer’s vehicle passes through an area covered by the cameras, enabling police to tap him/her. The system will also detect if a vehicle has a fake registration number by checking the details of the particular vehicle on the road with that of the particular details in the authorities’ database. ANPR systems will particularly be specified in the following areas like Car parks, Border control, Access control of residential areas, Traffic law enforcement, Truck parking areas. This technology is extremely dependable and captures valuable data at all times of the day and night without needing personnel in place.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is one such application that has become an essential good for managing traffic and enforcing rules. It can also be used effectively for security. Cities Across the world will have a variety of transport vehicles from bicycles, motorized two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars, heavy vehicles, etc. With some exceptions for heavy vehicles, all these vehicles run on the same city roads and have differing speeds. All motorized vehicles have a unique registration/license number, which is displayed on the front and the back of the vehicles and the ANPR application detects and recognizes this vehicle number automatically when in view of the camera.