Pick-up Drop Off Survey

Pick-up Drop-off surveys will be conducted by referring to Drop off Pick up Method guidelines. Government Authorities and Engineering Consultants will frequently conduct surveys to access the specified study area locations, and it’s transport functionality.

The pick-up drop off survey will be calculated by conducting a vehicle count at each curbside, which include the following:

  • Number of vehicles using the curbside per 5 minutes and its type (e.g., Cars, taxis etc.)
  • Number of users per each vehicle (i.e., vehicle occupancy) and
  • Dwelling time per vehicle.

The survey will be carried out for 12 consecutive hours, starting from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The survey will be carried out on a weekday and weekend. The client will define the specific day as per the project requirements.

Orange To Green Solutions will carry out these surveys using Manual Enumerators. It is recommended that the Enumerators appointed for traffic surveys should have at least a minimum of one or two years of experience to enable them to continuously trained in this field.

The data will be collected in two different ways, both the paper-based method and electronic devices method, i.e., Tablets or Electronic Notebook.