Desert Rose City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Details


Project Description

Desert Rose City is a planned 4,000-hectare city in Dubai just to the east of Academic City. The city has 30,000 residences in a total of which two-thirds is available to Emiratis and one-third available to expatriates. It is surrounded by greenery in keeping with its eco-friendly theme.

Our Involvement: As a leading Traffic Sub-Consultant, we have been assisting engineering consultants and land developers in order to conduct traffic surveys for their projects.

Traffic surveys show the background and existing traffic conditions of the study area. It describes the surrounding road infrastructure (the type of roads, connectivity, and observed road conditions).

Transportation professionals use the results of traffic data collection, estimation, and forecasting to develop transportation plans and programs; analyze project alternatives; complete environmental analysis; prepare roadway geometric; intersection; and pavement design.

This study involved a collection of Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC), Turning Movement Counts (TMC), Manual Classified Counts (MCC), and Vehicle Underpasses during determined peak hours and non-peak hours.

The survey location/duration was as follows:

  • ATC – 3 Locations
  • TMC – 12 Locations
  • MCC – 2 Locations
  • Vehicle Underpasses – 2 Locations

This study involved a comparison of existing traffic conditions during weekdays and weekends.

The information gathered was:

  • The classifications counts were provided in a 15 minute time interval in excel format. The vehicles were classified, such as Light Vehicle, Medium Vehicle, and Heavy Vehicle.
  • The peak hour and peak hour factor (PHF) identified at each location for further study.
  • The traffic counts key plan provided for each location.