Ibn Battuta Mall Explanation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Details


Project Description

The Ibn Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed shopping mall with more than 4000 outlets.

It discovers Ibn Battuta’s journey on different lands around the globe. It consists of six courts, each of whose designs is inspired by the countries visited by the Moroccan Berber explorer Ibn Battuta such as India Courts, China Courts, Persia Courts, Egypt Courts, Tunisia Courts, and Andalusia Courts.

The Ibn Battuta Mall Expansion project was located at the Gardens district. The development includes Mall, 4 stars-hotel, and a cinema complex.

The purpose of the study was to find out the current traffic conditions within and outside of the mall.

Our Involvement: This study involved a collection of Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC), Turning Movement Counts (TMC), and Pick up Drop-off Counts.

The survey location/duration was as follows:

  • TMC – 12 Locations
  • ATC – 04 Locations
  • Pick Up – Drop Off – 06 Locations


This study involved a comparison of existing traffic conditions during weekdays and weekends.

The information gathered was:

  • The classifications counts were provided in a 15 minute time interval in excel format. The vehicles were classified, such as Light Vehicle (Cars/Taxis, Vans/Pick-Ups, 2 Axle Trucks), and Heavy Vehicle (Buses, 3 Axle Trucks, or More).
  • The Pick Up – Drop Off counts were provided in a 5 minute time interval in excel format.
  • The peak hour and peak hour factor (PHF) identified at each location for further study.
  • The traffic counts key plan provided for each location.