Upgrading the Road from Al Faya to Seih Shuaib (E75), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Project Details


Project Description

This project has been located from Al Faya Road to Seih Shuaib Road (E75). The main objective was to enhance the existing roads, construction of new roadway improvements, and convenient for the improvement of traffic circulation. The study area locations have been well-defined by the Engineering Consultant following the approval with the Government Authorities, i.e., Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) and Traffic Management Centre (TMC).


The purpose of the study was to find out the trucks’ flow, and it’s peak timing in order to improve and enhance the road geometry for the road-users ease and convenience.

Our Involvement: This study involved a collection of Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC) and Turning Movement Counts (TMC).

The survey location/duration was as follows:

  • ATC – 02 Locations
  • TMC – 04 Locations


The study has been conducted during the identified peak hours and non-peak hours during two working days.

The information gathered was:

  • The classifications counts were provided in a 15 minute time interval in excel format. The vehicles were classified, such as Motorcycles, Cars/Taxis, Vans/Pick-ups, Small Buses, Big Buses, 2 Axle Trucks, 3 Axle Trucks, 4 Axle Trucks, 5 Axle Trucks, 6 Axle Trucks, 7 Axle Trucks, 8 Axle Trucks, 9 Axle Trucks.
  • The peak hour and peak hour factor (PHF) identified at each location for further study. Following this, vehicle per hour (VPH), peak hour factor (PHF), and Heavy Vehicles (HV) percentages have also been identified.
  • The traffic counts key plan provided for each location.