Questionnaire Survey

To facilitate the assessment of present and future traffic demands, for the development of need-based infrastructure, accurate information, and continuous monitoring of traffic by appropriate methods is necessary. Implementing authorities must, therefore, ensure that sufficient and appropriate data is available to undertake necessary planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the country’s road network, which is aimed at meeting the prevailing traffic flow, future traffic growth and loading without considerable deterioration in the quality of service. This study has, therefore, been prepared with the main aim being to provide basic information, concept, and principles with respect to traffic data collection and analysis. There are various methods of data collection available and used by different organizations/institutions. This study, therefore, is only intended to provide guidance in respect of data collection and analysis and allows for variation in the methodologies adopted by different users, planners, developers, funding authorities, etc.

The traffic data collection and analysis follow varying trends and play an important role in the evaluation and management of road network schemes. The major areas for which this data is required are:

  • Planning prioritisation and project initiation.
  • Project design.
  • Planning maintenance.
  • National Transport Statistics.
  • Road Safety Measures.
  • Traffic Control.

The Engineering Consultants’ transportation planners team, through the Government Authorities, conducts studies relating to existing transportation issues. The Government Authorities assigns the Engineering Consultants to execute these research projects in order to know the current roads & infrastructure situations. Many transportation agencies are seeking solutions to the difficult problems associated with these projects, including right-of-way concerns, utility relocations, high traffic volumes, sensitive stakeholder issues, environmental commitments, and many more.

This survey is also intended to seek valuable input regarding how the agencies are handling a variety of project implementation challenges and how they are finding success in doing so.

Orange To Green Solutions will carry out these surveys using Manual Enumerators. It is recommended that the Enumerators appointed for traffic surveys should have at least a minimum of one or two years of experience to enable them to continuously trained in this field.

The data will be collected in two different ways, both the paper-based method and electronic devices method, i.e., Tablets or Electronic Notebook.