Speed Survey

A speed survey is a tool that we use to determine what the speed limit should be for a particular section of roadway. Speed limits provide notification to drivers of the maximum speed limit on the road. Properly set speed limits provide a safe, consistent, and reasonable speed to protect drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists along the roadway.

Speed is a critical component in road design standards for visibility, junction spacing, signage, and more. Working in collaboration with consultants, developers, and government authorities, Orange To Green Solutions provide vehicle speed data to planners, architects, and engineers.

Speed surveys will be carried out by using pneumatic road tubes. The pneumatic road tubes sensors send a burst of air pressure along a rubber tube when a vehicle’s tires pass over the tube. The pressure pulse closes an air switch, producing an electrical signal that is transmitted to a counter or counting device.

The road tubes will be placed on the roadway, and the counting device will be kept back on the pavement. Once the study completed the road tubes will be removed from the specific site and the data will retrieve at the back office, and it will be tabulated in an excel sheet for every 30 minutes interval.

By using the data, transportation engineers and planners will be able to identify the need for wider roads or road designs. The relevant information is essential for transport planning and preparation.