Turning Movement Counts

Turning Movement Counts or most popularly known as Intersection counts, is to count pedestrians, cycles, or vehicles that are moving towards an intersection. The primary purpose is to gather the vehicle data to determine the traffic flow in that direction. Turning Movement Counts are used to determine the U-turn, left turn, straight and right turn of moving vehicles.

Orange To Green Solutions offers Turning Movement Counts services as one of our services it provides with the latest technologies making it our top priority to provide clients with accurate, modest services. Traffic data will be provided without any errors- the valid data of the turns and exact directions of the traffic coming into every road junction is captured.

Our Turning Movement Counts services are an accurate solution for Traffic Data Analysis. The data is collected with our high definition video cameras at the locations that have been defined.

Our studies have completed over 15,100 hours of footages in several locations across the U.A.E.

Our team of young individuals has 6 to 7 years of experience in turning movement counts services.

Our trained technicians are an additional advantage to the services that we offer; therefore, providing a reliable traffic data interpretation for the Turning Movement Counts services, with highlighting peak hours’ data to understand the real condition of the particular location.